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“Over The Moon” not “Overwhelmed” with feeding and caring for your baby!

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Is This You?

Are you…

 Struggling with breastfeeding your baby?


Pregnant or Adopting and planning to breastfeed and have questions or concerns?

Do you…

Dread leaving the house with your newborn or older baby to seek expert Lactation help and wish they could come to you?


Have you

Had issues with latching, nipple pain, frequent feeding, and a fussy gassy baby and question a tongue/lip restriction?


Had a breast reduction, or question your supply for any reason?

If so… please follow these steps to get the expert help you need.

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Mission Statement

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Welcome to Over The Moon Lactation Consulting

Our mission at Over The Moon Lactation Consulting is to empower parents with knowledge and support regarding breastfeeding, newborn-baby care, and the postpartum mother with authenticity, compassion, and expertise.

Welcome to Over The Moon Lactation Consulting!

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My name is Katie Scott RN, BSN, IBCLC and I am the owner of Over the Moon Lactation Consulting. Breastfeeding is an amazing emotional journey that you will have with your baby. Hopefully it will be tender and beautiful, leaving you with positive and happy feelings.

I realized many years ago that we are lacking the support we once received from knowledgeable women within our circle. Many women have never even seen a woman breastfeed! It is just assumed that it is natural and that it will “all work out”, “Pain is normal, right?” WRONG! Feeding and caring for your baby should not be filled with emotions like guilt or frustration, exhaustion, overwhelm and even physical pain. This can cause anxiety and lack of confidence.
I am here for you! I have trained extensively and have years of experience. I would be honored to be included in your circle of support. I want to be on your team! I want you to succeed and reach your breastfeeding goals! I want to see you BEFORE your baby comes into this world. I want to guide, advocate, and give you the knowledge you deserve so you can enjoy this precious time with your baby. My passion and my joy comes by helping you. I want you to look back at your journey and say “I did my best” and feel over the moon with what you achieved.

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You may be delivering your own baby and plan to exclusively breastfeed, or maybe you want to pump and feed (or both). Maybe feeding plans are a little different because you are an adoptive or intended (surrogacy) parent. I am here to help you establish a plan that works for you and your baby!

My hope is that every parent can feel empowered and supported, not only by me, but by the support system that we will build together. 

I offer evidence-based, compassionate, and super friendly (if I do say so myself!!)  lactation support to help you reach YOUR breastfeeding goals in the comfort of your own home.

I also offer telehealth services, and will be adding in person newborn care and prenatal breastfeeding classes soon.

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