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Breastfeeding is natural, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t challenging at times. It’s like learning how to dance. Dancing comes naturally to some, but others need a good, patient instructor. I would love to be there for you AND your baby to help you learn your steps.


I offer in-home, in my small home office, and telehealth appointments.

*During our visits I will:

  • Remove shoes and wash hands
  • Discuss both your history and your baby’s history per intake forms
  • Discuss your breastfeeding goals
  • Full baby assessment and /assessment of your breasts and well-being
  • Oral assessment of baby with gloved finger checking oral structure and function. This will be done preferably when the baby is calm.
  • Full feeding assessment
  • Discuss supply issues
  • Review pumping and bottle feeding needs
  • Create an individualized care plan and give resources within 24 hours
  • Send a completed care-plan to Medical providers of mom and baby per your request.
  • Each visit entitles you to 2 weeks of calls, texts, or e-mails after these 2 weeks I will require a follow-up appointment.

             *No weights or gloved oral assessment with telehealth appointments

Services Offered

Initial Comprehensive Breastfeeding Consultation

Initial visits are in-depth, whether it be in your home, my office or via telehealth. We will work together to meet your particular breastfeeding goals. I will create an In-depth care plan that will be sent to both of your providers. Lactation Network may not contract with your insurance, I will also provide a Super Bill which will be your receipt of visit to provide insurance for possible reimbursement.

(In Home-$175  In-Office-$150  Telehealth-$125)


Follow- up Breastfeeding Consult

This visit is only available after an Initial comprehensive visit. Re-assessment will be done and additional resources, before and after feeding weights and adjust care-plan, follow- up note given to your provider per your request. This visit will entitle you to 2 more weeks of follow up. This appointment may not be scheduled without a previous Initial Comprehensive Consult.

(In-Home-$150 In-Office $125 Telehealth-$100)



Assessment of latch and full comprehensive review of history. Care plan provided to you and provider (if requested). Superbill will be sent for possible insurance reimbursement. Instructions for your telehealth visit will be sent to you after booking an appointment.

(Tele-health $125)


Prenatal or Pre-Adoption/induced Lactation Consult

Get a care plan tailored to your needs, based on an in-depth history and your goals. Numerous resources will be sent to you to allow you to get off to the absolute best start with your little one. HIGHLY recommended for first time parents or adopting couples.

(In-Home $125  In-Office-$100 Telehealth-$100)



Each additional baby will be charged $25 per baby for additional time during consult and charting.


Travel Fee

 $25 dollars extra if over 30 miles from my office

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