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Preparing for Your Visit

over the moon lactation consultation in meridian idaho
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The DO’s of our home visit

  • Fill out the online forms and send them back to mea as soon as possible.
  • Make a list of your questions for me (we have two weeks of contact after the visit too, if you forget some, or think of more!)
  • Expect me to be in the room where you typically spend the most time nursing your baby. This could be your nursery, living room, or bedroom.
  • Prepare questions you may have about pumping, using bottles or nipple shields and please have these things available for me to see if you have been using them to make sure you have the proper fit, settings, and production. If you have been pumping, and the baby is struggling to latch, please have some milk pumped (up to 2 oz) and ready before the visit so it is available if we need to use it during the visit. 
  • During most visits, unless it’s just for the mother, or the baby is premature in the hospital, or other special situations, I will want to work with you and your baby during a feeding. You will want your baby to be hungry enough to want to nurse, however, not too hungry so he/she becomes frustrated and becomes unwilling to latch. I usually recommend that you feed your baby well about 1-2 hours before the visit. If necessary, a small feeding is fine, then keep baby skin to skin with you or a loved one. This will keep the baby in the best frame of mind for our visit. 
  • Make sure YOU are well hydrated, well fed, and comfortable before our visit so you can feel relaxed and at your best.
  • I don’t mind if you have visitors or family members at the visit. I want YOU to be absolutely comfortable with everyone in the room. As long as the person/persons present during the visi are supportive of your efforts to breastfeed, I enjoy educating all loved ones on how they can support you. Please make them aware of what the visit will consist of, and that we will be concentrating on you, your baby, and the feeding.
  • I absolutely LOVE pets, and will never mind if you and your pet greet me at the door.  Please have your pet outside or in another room, if they are “territorial” toward the baby, have issues with strangers, or if you feel they will be a distraction during our visit. 
  • Other siblings are always welcome to be home during our visit. Please arrange for someone to watch them, or have something planned to keep them occupied during the consultation so we can talk freely and you can concentrate on the feeding and instruction.
  • DO think about how you will want to pay for the consultation. I do not bill insurance, so unless you have approval from THE LACTATION NETWORK, I will require payment. I have a Square Chip reader if you want to use debit/credit/ or FSA. I will provide you with a “Visit Receipt/Superbill ” that has codes necessary for reimbursement form insurance. Please call your insurance before our visit, if possible to see what type of documentation they may need from you.
  • DO fill out my Covid questionnaire and bring a mask, if you choose to wear one. I will wear one if you would like me to. 


over the moon lactation consultation in meridian idaho

The Do’s of the office visit

  • Same as above, however DO bring your pump and parts and any other devices you may be using at home. (I HAVE a SPECTRA at the office, if you bring your own parts you don’t need to bring the pump)
  • I have closed my office at the Indian Creek Plaza, as I see most families in their homes. IF you don’t want me in your home, or need the discounted price you may come to my small office in my home. I am located up HWY 84 past the Middleton Exit on the Sand Hollow Exit. I have a small office that is private and has everything we need for a comfortable visit. I do have pets, but they will not have access to you and they are not allowed in my office EVER!! 
  • You may change your baby in my office, I will give you a baggy to carry your soiled diaper home with you. 
  • If your baby takes a pacifier, or bottle, please bring it with you, with pumped milk. I have no way to heat the milk at this time. 
  • Please dress your baby in an outfit that is easy to take on and off. Please avoid multiple layers of clothing and tight onesies. I will weigh the baby in a clean diaper before and after the feeding. 
  • DO know that I will provide privacy!  My office has windows, however I will have curtains and other means to keep our visit private and confidential


over the moon lactation consultation in meridian idaho

Don’ts of our Visits

  • For HOME visits, DON’T GET DRESSED, if you don’t want to. For all types of visits, wear comfortable and easy to remove top, as we will be doing skin to skin. I do have blankets to cover you. 
  • DON’T worry about breastfeeding pillows. Just have a few bed/couch pillows. Don’t bring any pillows to the office. I have plenty. I prefer to work with regular pillows of various sizes. Full body pillows that wrap around you are great for feeding in bed. I will show you how!
  • PLEASE have another person available to watch your other children, and a place to contain pets if they become a distraction. I do NOT ALLOW other children at the visit without another adult!
  • MOST OF ALL with HOME visits, DON’T clean your house! I just need to be able to wash my hands and would appreciate soap and a paper towel. Other than that, if the house is clean, you are doing TOO much!  I don’t want to take away from the time that you should be bonding with your baby! (of course if you have family helping, the clean house is fine!)  I am completely NON-JUDGEMENTAL as I am a mother of 4 that lives on a dairy farm!! LOL! 


over the moon lactation consultation in meridian idaho

During Our Visit

  • I will remove my shoes and wash my hands in your home (and before our office visit)
  • I want to visualize a feeding. If the baby is hungry immediately we will feed the baby and talk after the baby is latched. Otherwise, we will visit first, weigh the baby and review history and paperwork. 
  • I will try to be physically “hands off”, but sometimes assisting you with latch, demonstrating hand express, or my infant oral exam may need to be done with your permission. I will wear latex-free gloves.
  • I will observe the appearance of your nipples before and after your baby nurses. I can tell a Lot by the shape and condition of your nipples.


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