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I am not contracted with any insurance companies, however, I am partnered with “THE LACTATION NETWORK” which helps Lactation Consultants and parents by verifying coverage. They handle everything and offer 6 free visits, which you could use before baby is born and after!

They do not work with ALL insurances, but are adding more as they can. PLEASE go to THE LACTATION NETWORK before you schedule our visit and see if they will handle your insurance claim! They will contact us both by e-mail, usually within one business day.

insurance for breastfeeding consultation idaho
insurance for lactation consultant in idaho

If you have insurance, but it is not part of The Lactation Network’s services I will provide you with codes on your invoice and all the information that your insurance company might need for you to submit (Called a SUPERBILL).  I DO NOT bill insurance companies for you, I encourage you to call your insurance company before our visit.


I require payment at time of visit. Please be prepared with a debit card, credit card or FSA/HSA card (please make sure our visit is covered by those services, as well). I utilize SQUARE services and can scan your card at time or service. If you would like, you may input your card into the secure IntakeQ forms you will be sent shortly after scheduling our visit. 


I offer discounts for Military and Medicaid patients. Please contact me for pricing. I also offer discounts on packages.


Another way to get a visit… Ask someone to give you a gift certificate, or a consult package as a group gift for your baby shower. Have them contact me directly.

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