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lactation consultant in Idaho

I was blessed to have Katie be my nurse after I had my baby in the hospital.

She was very sweet and sensitive to my needs. She helped give me the confidence I needed to get started with breastfeeding. She was very thoughtful and helped me practice the holds and get my baby in the right position. She was very patient as well. She set me up for successful breastfeeding at home. She also checked in on me periodically to make sure we were hanging in there. Katie is an amazing Lactation Consultant!

Rachel & Gwen

Katie was incredibly patient and supportive of our breast feeding goals while at the hospital that we knew we wanted to hire her as our personal lactation consultant after we left the hospital.

We first met Katie when she gave us a tour of the birthing ward at Saint
Mary’s 6 months before our baby Emma was born. Little did we know, Katie
would become our super supportive lactation consultant/RN during our
postpartum stay at Saint Mary’s. Our daughter suffered from severe
jaundice due to ABO incompatibility which required immediate supplemental
feeding through a bottle. As a new mother with no breastfeeding
experience, I was concerned about any negative implications of immediately
bottle feeding such as nipple confusion and that my daughter would develop
a preference for a bottle and not the breast, especially since my milk had
not come in yet at this point. Katie was incredibly patient and supportive
of our breast feeding goals while at the hospital that we knew we wanted to
hire her as our personal lactation consultant after we left the hospital.
As luck would have it, Katie started Over the Moon Lactation Consulting
right after we were discharged and we hired her immediately. Hiring Katie
was definitely one of the smartest breastfeeding decisions we made during
our transition.
Funny, gentle, patient, and calming, Katie is a total professional through
and through! She has definitely earned the title of ‘baby breastfeeding
whisperer” by teaching us varied breastfeeding techniques and positions,
listening and deciphering latch sounds, and as an added bonus, her business
is based on house calls which is super helpful during those early weeks
with a newborn.
Breastfeeding can definitely be challenging, but Katie made it a whole lot
easier and manageable for our family by empowering us with her knowledge
and sharing ample resources. Our daughter Emma is now latching a lot
better and is gaining weight. Katie has been such a blessing to our family
and an incredibly delightful person to work with. We will forever be

Jenn, Geoff, and Emma Chin

lactation consulting for new mothers in Idaho

Katie provided me informed, compassionate, and heart-led lactation support both prenatally and after my first child was born.

Katie was an expert at making me feel comfortable and competent in my abilities and breastfeeding decisions. She provided both in the moment and text support in the first several weeks of breastfeeding, when so many things are new and challenging. In addition, we knew there was a potential for health complications prior to birth, and Katie worked on a plan with me in the event breastfeeding was challenging, like thinking through pumping and assisted feeding until Baby could latch. Finally, when the inevitable hiccups arose after the first month, Katie always offered fantastic advice and troubleshooted with me. It is because of Katie I recommend to all my pregnant mom friends they find a good LC prior to giving birth if they’d like to breastfeed, as she was invaluable and made the journey so much smoother.

Katie is so wonderful! She is readily available to answer any questions and to set up appointments.

She was willing to come to our home when our baby was small, which was so helpful. She also makes personalized care plans, which are detailed and also have links with evidence based information, which I found really cool. Our baby had multiple mouth ties released, and I cannot rave about Katie’s help through that process enough. She came with us to the procedure and helped comfort our baby (and us). Her follow-up after the procedure was incredible too. If you need lactation support please work with Katie, she will change your breastfeeding experience for the better.

Erin Felt

breastfeeding consultation in Idaho

After getting mastitis twice within the first month of breastfeeding I knew I needed help.

Katie and her vast knowledge of lactation made all the difference. We were able to improve my babies latching skills, get her tounge tie fixed (through a Dentist that Katie works with), and I have been mastitis free for a couple of months. You could definitely say we are over the moon with the service we received here and I would highly recommend it to everyone!

Shelby, Andrew and Ray

When my second child showed breastfeeding difficulties I immediately began exploring all possible solutions.

I was very motivated to make this breastfeeding journey successful. We first went to another local IBCLC but did not have a good experience soI began to search for another IBCLC. We’d spent lots of money and I was at my wits end, ready to give up. When I met with Katie she was different than the rest. She actually listened to me and responded empathetically. She validated and congratulated my great efforts. Additionally, she recommended a good bottle and taught me to latch my baby correctly, through natural comfortable breastfeeding positions (no need for those expensive breastfeeding pillows). At first I was skeptical that these suggestions would help but after about 3 weeks, I began to see a difference. My baby was actually beginning to transfer milk (which she’d never done before)! I’m very happy that I found Katie and can’t recommend her more highly to other mamas. Check out her Instagram and write a review for her so that more people can receive this quality lactation care!                                                      

Bekkah & Zoey


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